2050 and all that

Following on from the meetings on climate change that Rev Heather Kent held at Homewood Road URC in Saint Albans in August 2009, Graham Rutherford, a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), led a series of four discussion meetings in January–March 2010 with the title “2050 and all that. Climate change – and the solutions”.

The purpose was to understand more deeply the basis for the projections on world climate change and the proposals for correcting the trends.

The four meetings were held at Homewood Road URC on Wednesday evenings at two week intervals from the end of January to the beginning of March 2010.

Some 45 people attended in all, mostly members and friends of Homewood Church.

Sources of data included:- UN world population projections 2007a; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 2007; International Energy Agency (IEA) Energy Technology Perspectives 2008; various summary papers including one written for the Worshipful Company of Engineers; the UK Met. Office: Peak Oil; the Carbon Balance; the Diocesan conference….. and many more.

The topics for each of the four evenings were:-

  1. Understanding the problem and the forecasts
  2. The technical solutions and their applications
  3. Continuation on solutions; the economics and political factors
  4. What should we be doing?

At the last gathering, where a speaker from Transition St Albans had been invited to participate in the discussion and contribute the view of Transitioners, the people present created a list of possible actions: personal actions, actions as a community, and actions to take politically, both nationally and internationally.

The link below opens a PDF with a copy of the  notes from this last meeting, listing the actions. Highly recommended.

2050 and all that – What should we be doing – Notes from 10 March 2010 meeting

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