Green Hustings

Friends of the Earth St Albans have taken the initiative to organise a Green hustings in the run-up to the general elections, and WDM St Albans (World Development Movement), Transition St Albans and the brand new St Albans Campaign Against Climate Change (SACACC) are all helping out.

Transition initiatives prefer hands-on positive action over politics and campaigning, but in reality it remains important who represents our views in government, on all levels of government. Rob Hopkins has an interesting post on his website on this subject: “Time to Organise Those Transition Hustings!

As they arrive, members of the public will be invited to take part in a secret ballot, which will be counted during the course of the meeting. They will also be invited to work in groups to consider the environmental and sustainability challenges that the next government will face and to write questions on these themes for the candidates to consider; one question per card.

The supporting organisations get the opportunity to submit two questions in advance. So if anyone reading this has a good suggestion for a question, please email your question(s) to Rick Holland.

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