Sustainability of our food – some photo’s from last night

We had a brilliant evening last night looking at the sustainability of our food supply – yet again it was great to see so many people coming along and the mood was very positive.

Tim Burns led us on a stark but enlightening whistlestop tour of our food supply, looking at how much energy is used to grow, transport, store and cook it, the water needed to produce food and the shocking levels of waste at each stage from field to fork.   One particularly striking statistic was that over 100 million people around the world would be lifted out of malnourishment if the UK were to reduce its level of food waste to nil.

Peter Bloomfield then led a workshop looking at where some of the foods in our supermarkets come from and exploring the relevance of seasonality and origin when it comes to making our food choices (how to choose a 357 mile meal over a 43,357 mile meal!).

The evening concluded with some first steps – in groups – in putting together a local food manifesto: developing the principles and goals for local food in St Albans.   We will share the results of that with you in due course but, for now, here are two more photos of the evening (apologies for the quality – camera failure necessitated use of my phone).

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