The Age of Stupid

The Age of Stupid is the first film to dramatize the effects of climate change. A combination of drama and documentary, the film stars Pete Postlethwaite as an old man in 2055, browsing through archive footage and wondering why we didn’t act to save ourselves. The Grierson Award Jury declared it “a powerful and unforgettable film”, while the Ecologist says “Fantastic. Knocks spots off An Inconvenient Truth”.

The film will premiere in Leicester Square on March 15th, from a solar-powered tent in Leicester Square, and it will be transmitted live to 60 other cinemas around the country, making it the largest ever premiere. The more people get along to see the film on its opening night, the more cinemas will consider showing it, so try and get to a showing if you can!

For those of us in St Albans the nearest showings will be either in Watford or Hatfield.

To find out more, read this interview with director Franny Armstrong, visit the Age of Stupid website, or watch the trailer below.

3 responses to “The Age of Stupid

  1. There WILL be a showing of this film in St Albans! It’s on 16th May, at the lovely Sandpit Theatre on the Ridgeway. More details at my website.

  2. Great, glad to see this is happening. Will try and get along to that too.

    Going to check out your blog too.

  3. We (Transition Town Berkhamsted) had a stall in the foyer of the Vue cinema for the premiere last night. We got good interest after the film, and the live broadcast (from Leicester Square out to the website and other cinemas) after the premiere was well worth watching. It may be available on the website, not
    Some of our number were not impressed with the film, though I thought it was good personally. There is such magnitude to the problem, that those already aware of what is going on can only see how much the film missed out; however, I thought it did a lot to bring some of the disparate strands together, that are covered in the likes of Crude Impact, but in a more digestible format. I’d really recommend that you go and see it when you can. Available on general release from Friday, 20th March.

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