Jan 13′ Open Meeting

Thanks to everyone who made it out on a cold dark night to come to our open meeting last night, especially the new members.  We watched two thought-provoking TED talks:

And then Jack took us through some key points about Peak Oil.

Each workgroup then outlined what it does and how people can get involved

  • the Home Grown Food Group
  • the Energy Group
  • Transition Streets
  • the Awareness-Raising Group

The open discussion at the end was wide-ranging and interesting (how TSA could  engage local businesses more, whether fracking changes anything, and ideas for starting a community garden).

To find out more about fracking, check out this illuminating and engaging website that illustrates the whole fracking process: http://www.dangersoffracking.com

At our February meeting, all about planning what we want to achieve next year, these ideas and more will be fed in, including all the ideas that were raised at our November film screening.

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4 responses to “Jan 13′ Open Meeting

  1. Thanks for the lovely evening :)

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