Welcome to Transition St Albans

We are a group of ordinary people of St Albans exploring how to make our city more sustainable, together – you are invited to bring your own interests and skills and join in!  

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Open Food Gardens – Abbey View

We are finding positive and creative ways to act together locally to address the challenges of climate change and declining cheap energy supplies.

Each month the steering group or other volunteers usually arrange an Open Meeting with a presentation or film on different subjects for discussion: everyone is welcome.

Becoming a member of Transition

Being a member of Transition is being involved in any way that suits you. If you want to come along to the Open Meetings you can meet other members and find out more about the various groups that are running and get involved.

Have a look around this website to explore the projects that you could join up with, whether Transition Streets, food growing, community energy or coming along to the Open Meetings. If you are savvy with social media please like our Facebook page or add our Twitter account and you will get reminders of events as well as other news. 

Or you could start your own project!  Sign up to our monthly newsletter by sending us your email address  – send to: info at transitionstalbans dot org and you will receive detailed news every month.

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On Wed 16th July 7.30pm TSA are screening  TRASHED narrated by Jeremy Irons.  The film will be shown, together with speaker Louise Palmer from St Albans and District council Recycling Team, and discussion – July Open Meeting at Fleetville Community Centre. Everyone is welcome, bring a friend! Entry £3/£1 conc. For more information click here



Highlights – celebrating a year of growth in the life of TSA



  • Business –  including election of steering group
  • Results of our first ever survey – what do TSA members say about sustainability
  • Food Smiles St Albans  - why digging is good for the soul – and how you can get involved
  • Film screening: ‘Local Food Roots’
  • Plant Extravaganza –


TSA Open Meeting Wed 15 Jan 7.30pm at Fleetville Community Centre – to find out more and meet the people behind the city’s Transition initiatives: Food, Energy and Transition Streets.

Every wanted to find out more about Transition St Albans but never quite sure how to ask? This is your chance! Come along to January’s Open Meeting designed to ‘show you around’ all things Transition St Albans with the opportunity to discuss ideas and plans for 2014 and the chance to see the …


Do The Math movie – this 42-minute documentary film is about the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis and challenge the fossil fuel industry – exploring the background issues of the Transition movement.

 Streets Celebration Event – one year on! All Welcome

20 November 7.30pm Fleetville Community Centre

Transition Streets Celebration Event - one year on! Wed 20 November 7.30pm Fleetville Community Centre - All welcome!

Come along to this special Open Meeting in november, for anybody interested.  meet some of the one hundred residents who have taken part this year, and find out what changes have taken place in their households. you may even be inspired to start your own transition streets in your neighbourhood!  Free food and drink to celebrate – donations welcomed.

Transition St Albans are runners up for The Mayors Pride Award ‘Environmental Champion of the Year‘ 2013. We attended an inspirational award ceremony on 24th October, where a wide range of passionate and energetic individuals and groups were celebrated.
Award Ceremony at the Mayors Pride Awards 2013

Award Ceremony at the Mayors Pride Awards 2013

The winner was the inspirational teacher Tom Shortseen here  with the Mayor – A secondary school teacher who runs an urban farm at his school and teaches children about food sources. Tom also looks after the farm at weekends and engages and promotes recycling to the pupils.

A further runner up for Environmental Champion was the Waffle House, who promote local producers and green charities.


Food Smiles St Albans – Sat 28 Sept 1.30-5.30pm 

Food Smiles

Food Smiles

speakers, films, local food and discussion about creating a local community food project – bringing farmers closer to consumers

Part of St Albans Food and Drink Festival  and supported by St Albans District Council.

Speakers: Speakers include – local farmers Stuart Roberts and Jamie Burrows, John Gunner from ‘That Little Place’ independent restaurant, Ann de Bock from Church Farm, Arderley and Robert Simpson from Farnham Local Food.

Introduced by Tom Carman who has experience in developing community food projects, and Peter Bloomfield, sustainable education specialist, local resident and allotment holder for over 20 years.


Delicious local food for you to enjoy – brought to you by the Courtyard Cafe, That Little Place, Redbournbury Mill, Sycamore Wholefoods and the Cheese Wheeler Stall and A&C Meats.

Location: Lower Hall, Dagnall Street Baptist Church, AL3 5EE

  • Why local food is important

  • The challenges of being a local farmer

  • Why we should care about where our food comes from

  • The business of sourcing local food

  • Examples of other community food projects in the UK

Last  of the year’s Grow Your Own – Saturday 28th September 2.30pm 

Come along to the Skills Sharing session at 23 Gresford Close, AL4 OUB

Composting, Mulching, Green Manure. We run these informal, friendly sessions to help encourage people to grow their own fruit and vegetables at home, in small and large spaces, windowsills or gardens. We want to share how gardeners manage their growing in ordinary garden settings and have the chance to talk and share ideas and tips about gardening. This last session of the year is with June in her garden not far off the Hatfield Road near the Homebase/VW Garage area- why not come and join her this Saturday at 2.30pm?

organic gardening

 St Albans Zero Waste

Open Meeting Wed 18th September 8pm at St Paul’s Church, Blandford Road

Guest Speaker: Louise Palmer Recycling and Waste Officer with St Albans Council

Event jointly organised by Transition St Albans and St Albans Friends of the Earth

  •  Small groups discussing the summer initiative on reducing household waste

  • Louise Palmer  presentation with question and answer session

  • What actions next for household waste reduction for (i) Individuals (ii) Groups such as TSA or FoE (iii) the wider council

Transition Streets + Food + Energy + Reducing Waste

Transition Streetsten groups already set up in St Albans with over 60 households looking at energy, recycling, water, food and transport. Why not run a group on your street? Its a great way to get to know your neighbours, learn with each other, and save money on bills.

Food:  Find out what our new Food Smiles group is up to on their web page

Energy: Energy Saving Homes 2013 is based on ‘Open Houses’ with  households open for the weekend to show how they’ve made their homes more energy efficient. 

Reducing Waste: Following the screening of the documentary film ‘The Clean Bin Project’ TSA have joined up with St Albans Friends of the Earth to invite residents to sign up to ‘Do One More Thing’. On Wed 18 Sept there is a follow-up meeting with guest speaker  Louise Palmer from St Albans Council talking about recycling arrangements – Venue: St Paul’s Church. Suggested donation £2.

Energy Saving Homes

Open Weekend September 14th/15th

Six homes are taking part in this year's St Albans Energy Saving Homes weekend. They are located across the city.  More details can be found on the energy saving homes website by clicking on the title above or see the houses you can visit by clicking on the links below:
St Albans Energy Saving Homes is organised by Transition St Albans. It was created so that people can visit homes in their area that are striving to be more sustainable and enable them to talk to the owners, benefit from their experience, avoid expensive mistakes and start developing energy saving ideas in their homes.The homes taking part have reduced their energy bills, made their homes more comfortable to live in and in some cases benefitted from renewable and low carbon energy, in the form of solar PV, solar thermal and wood fuel.


  programme of events for the 2013 Open Food Gardens ***Becky Alexander, writing her column in the Herts Advertiser visited our OpenFoodGarden launch this April at The Courtyard Cafe and did a lovely write-up on the project: see link here to the article in the newspaper: Waking up to a summer of food treats

  • Learn how to save money and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • See what fruit and vegetables can be grown in your garden.
  • New for 2013 - Skill sharing in the garden

tomatoesSharing experience, knowledge and practical skills forms the new focus for the TSA 2013 programme of Open Food Gardens. The Home Grown Food Group is adding a new element to the existing Open Food Garden visits to encourage more people to grow some of their own food at home.  For details and more information go to: Skill sharing

Climate Week For Climate Week, our March event focused on our new Transition Streets project.  “Helping the climate … one street at a time”.  Many thanks to everyone who came along and to the Courtyard Cafe for hosting us!


Our February open meeting helped us plan the year ahead and think about our plans for the future.


Our January open meeting was aimed at new members, and was an overview of the twin issues of peak oil and climate change, and Transition as a positive response   Click here for the notes.


clapperboard    Thank you to everyone who came along to our film screening of In Transition 2.0.  It was a great evening. For more up-coming events, look at the calendar on our “Events” page.  If you want to get more involved with TSA, come along to a meeting or look at our “Get Involved” page for ideas.